January 19, 2018

The Sound of Music

Tony Lindsay, SANTANA’s lead singer, honored our first audition by agreeing to be one of our judges. He definitely enjoyed himself as he listened to the future stars like him. Eighteen (18) young people came to showcase their talents, and yes, they HAVE talent!  As the music floated down the stairs to the dealership showroom, each of the Findlay staff excitedly made their way up the stairs to sneak a peek to listen to the kids, and they were NOT disappointed.  They were so impressed with the talent that the Marketing Director decided to host the next audition in the main showroom.

We had another opportunity to share the S.I.N.G. vision, this time with the parents.  A number of them were so excited about S.I.N.G. they decided to get involved and volunteer with the Foundation.  We are thrilled to have them as valuable team members!

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