February 24, 2018



The main goal of S.I.N.G. (Sowing Into Next Generation), is to create a better future for our kids and grandkids thru music and the arts and let us tell you – we have talented kids!  Each of our winners want to be a role model and to inspire people, bring hope and encouragement to others.   At the contest, each kids walked away with cash from their percentage of votes from their Family and Friends Choice Awards.  We had 5 vocalists and 3 dance groups for our finalists.  They are currently working on their songs for the CD Project and area performances. We have also been able to sponsor 2 kids in vocal and dance coaching.


In our Vocal part of the competition our winners were: Joey Mecili who was accompanied by his brother Chazz, who rocked the house and were the top winners of the Family & Friends Choice Awards.  Joining him was Ricky Susie, Jazzy Cadiente, Sophia Ramos and Lauretta Williams.











In our Dance portion of the competition our winners were:  Erica & Kaylie Sackett, Jasmyne Densley and Kassiday Barton who all dazzled us with their moves!










We will mentor these kids and train them to be positive role models. We believe in this upcoming generation and feel both a calling and a responsibility to invest in these young lives.  This is the main reason why we have the 2INSPIRE Talent Contest.

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