February 24, 2018

Mr. Leon Records HIGHER PURPOSE A Song Dedicated to the Families and Friends of Newtown, CT

Proceeds from the Song to Benefit the Affected Families of Newtown

In light of the tragic incident in Newtown, Conn., Mr. Leon was moved to write, perform and produce “Higher Purpose”, a song composed to encourage and comfort the families of the victims of the horrendous tragedy that took the lives of innocent children and impacted families across the country.

Yes, it is a shame but it was not in vain
There’s a higher purpose for we who remain.
I feel them everywhere like angels in the air,
Saying, “Get on with your purpose, in my name.”

Download and add to cart below and help us spread the word. Let this song be a reminder that we need to prioritize the safety of our children.

“Our prayer is for everyone who hears this song to become more aware of the ongoing need to monitor our children. It will also remind parents and school officials to maintain participation in the protection of kids at their school, which should be one of the safest place for our children.” says Mr. Leon about the CT tragedy.



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