February 24, 2018


The main goal of S.I.N.G. (Sowing Into Next Generation), is to create a better future for our kids and grandkids thru music and the arts. We are looking for talented kids who desire to inspire people, and bring hope and encouragement to others. We will mentor these kids and train them to be positive role models. We believe in this upcoming generation and feel both a calling and a responsibility to invest in these young lives.

This is the main reason why we have the 2INSPIRE TALENT CONTEST whose finals will be on October 6th at the Findlay Toyota Showroom, 7733 Eastgate Road, Henderson, NV 89011.

To add excitement to the event, we have included the FAMILY AND FRIENDS CHOICE AWARDS to allow others who are not in the area to vote on their favorite performer. Please go to www.mrleon.org/ffca and click on the semi finalists’ picture, read their bio and click on their YouTube to see them perform.

We will choose 5 winners who will win cash and be a part of an inspirational CD as well as perform live with Mr. Leon.


Mr. Leon
President andChairman 
Leon S.I.N.G. Foundation

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2iNspire Contest Entry Form

2iNspire Contest Rules

Mr. Leon Meets with Vegas Leaders

Part of the vision of Mr. Leon is to partner with various faith-based organizations, community clubs, churches and corporations who are interested in making an impact on the next generation. He also aims to collaborate with the music and arts department in the schools to interest them in this mission.

Recently, he invited pastors from different denominations to a luncheon in one of the most prestigious resorts in the city. He showed them his vision and his goal to save the youth and redirect them toward a better future.

Mr. Leon and Findlay Toyota

When I came to Las Vegas, I was introduced to the general manager of Findlay Toyota who greeted me with open arms and allowed me to meet the staff and they treated me like family. Rich, the general manager is one of the kindest man and his staff, Rick, Stephanie, John and Sandy are the best people you’ll ever meet. I decided to do a commercial for them which you can hear on your sports radio program. The GOOD NEWS is that if you decide to buy a car, ask them for a S.I.N.G. flyer that gives you a $1500 discount on your vehicle purchase!

Findlay Toyota Supports S.I.N.G.

Thank you to Findlay Toyota and John Barr for supporting the kids. We look forward to having a great event.

Mr. Leon and S.I.N.G

S.I.N.G. Foundation is dedicated to providing a form of music that brings hope to the human spirit. With the breakdown of the family unit over that past several generations, substance abuse, homelessness, runaway youth, mental health problems, child abuse, teen pregnancy, the use of pornography and suicide are all on the rise. Suicide is now the third-leading cause of death for 15 – 24 year olds!

It has been said that we are influenced less by people we believe in than by people who believe in us. We believe in this upcoming generation and feel both a calling and a responsibility to invest in these young lives.

Leon SING Children’s Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the future of the next generation.  Our primary goal is to speak this message into the lives of our youth and that is, “You matter to us, you have great value and we believe in you.”