January 19, 2018

Current Event

“2iNspire Youth Talent Contest”

  • $1000+ in Prize Money will be given away!!!
  • A Chance to be in a CD/DVD with Mr. Leon!!!
  • Be a part of a Future Variety Show with Mr. Leon!!!



The main goal of S.I.N.G. (Sowing Into Next Generation), is to create a better future for our kids and grandkids thru music and the arts. We have found some amazing and talented kids whose desire is to inspire people, and bring hope and encouragement to others. This is the main reason why we have the 2INSPIRE Talent Contest on October 6th 2012 at 2pm in the Findlay Toyota Showroom, 7733 Eastgate Road, Henderson, NV 89011.

We will be doing a Silent Auction at the Contest and hope to have the list of Auction Items on the website before the auction you can get your bids placed early!!

We are so excited about the kids in our contest.  We have had our Semi Final Auditions on Sept. 8th and we are still blown away!  We want to introduce you to our singers (our dancers’ profiles will be completed real soon).  Check them out on our Family & Friends Choice Awards page (FFCA).  Each picture and name link will take you to the child’s profile page where you can read about these amazing kids, listen to them sing and if you like them a lot, then you can vote for them in the Choice Awards and make a tax deductible donation to Leon S.I.N.G. Children’s Foundation.  A portion of the monetary donations will go to the child, part to the Choice Awards Prizes Winners.  The remaining funds will go in to the various programs and events with the children.


After the Contest is done we will be getting geared up to working on the 2Inspire CD Album.  We are still looking for people and businesses to sponsor the children who will be singing on this album.  This is a large project but we know it will give these wonderful children a great experience on what it takes to be a performer and getting their work published.  For those who wish to help with this project contact Mr. Leon at: mrleon@mrleon.org  and check back here for updates on this project!

Get ready, Get ready, Get ready….2iNSPIRE!!!

Mr. Leon
Leon S.I.N.G. Foundation


Findlay Toyota Location
7733 Eastgate Road, Henderson, NV 89011

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