January 19, 2018



Thank you for believing in the future of these talented young people.  Whether you are a friend or family member or just a fan of Leon Patillo’s, take a few minutes to listen to each of the kids sing or dance, and vote for your favorite performers.  Your voting for these kids will allow each of them to walk away with pride and to believe in themselves. The FFCA is one way we will teach the young people to market their talent and develop their own fan base away from their immediate family.

Each vote is worth $1 but if you want to vote 5 times or more, then at checkout cart, put a onetime amount of $5 to help us not pay too much “per transaction” fees to PayPal.  Mr. Leon’s office will add up the money for votes under my name.  The GOOD NEWS is that each contestant will get a percentage of the money for the votes they receive!

At the contest we will announce the top 3 FFCA winners, who will receive additional prize money from the net funds from the votes. The rest of the funds from the FFCA will help S.I.N.G. to continue with their programs, which each winner get to participate in being Mentored by Mr. Leon prepare for performing in front of different crowds.  Mr. Leon will also take the winners to different venues to show off our talent, let the winners record an album, sponsor children who are qualified but financially challenged so they can continue with their music/dance lessons, and more.

Thank you for your giving!


2iNspire Contestants

Alissa Clarke

Brooke Brown

Cassie Valenti

Joey &Chazz Miceli

Chaize Macklin

Haley King

Jasmyne Densley

Jazzy Cadiente
Haley Passione  Lauretta Williams

Lauryn Shelley

Rachel Cregier
Raven Chanel Ricky Susie Sophia Ramos Starr Elliott

Tanner Fortgang

Tiffanne LeMay

Trinity Wallin

Kassidy Barton
Tayler Lam


Baylee Zimmerman


Grace Wicker


Leina’ala Cardona

Erica & Kylie Sackett

Dayna Dedios