February 24, 2018

Get Involved

Get Ready 2 Rise with Mr. Leon

THANK YOU FOR PARTNERING WITH ME and allowing me to use my gifts to help our youth who are being bullied.

When I moved to Las Vegas, I thought I came here to retire. But, when I saw that this place has the biggest drop out rate in the country and there are many kids being bullied, I thought I’d share my 2 cents and tell all the kids how I rose above bullying.

Every kid has a gift and sometimes, they don’t realize what they have until someone points it out. That lack of knowledge could lead to low self-esteem, misdirection and feeling of inadequacy. Many of our kids today are being bullied because of that.

I am thankful that at a young age, my school teacher found out that I had talent and was ready to point it out to my mother. That there paved the way to my destiny and gave me the opportunity to master the skills needed to be a musician.

Many of our kids are at a loss when it comes to their future. Someone has to direct and guide them. Your partnership will allow me to focus on that end.

You may ask yourself – how can I get involved?  We have many opportunities for you to partner with us.  If you see a program you would like to have in your area, click here to share your request.  We will work with you in making this happen.

To give a one-time donation, click on the DONATE button below. To give a monthly donation, click the Donate button and check the box where it says monthly.

Remember, you can either give it to Uncle Sam or invest it in the future of our youth.

To send a check, mail it to:

PO Box 777024
Henderson, NV 89077

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