February 24, 2018

Ready 2 Rise



With the breakdown of the family unit over that past several generations, substance abuse, homelessness, runaway youth, mental health problems, child abuse, teen pregnancy, the use of pornography and suicide are all on the rise. Suicide is now the third-leading cause of death for 15 – 24 year olds!

Ready 2 Rise is a nonprofit organization dedicated to positively changing the future of the next generation.  Our primary goal is to speak this message into the lives of our youth and that is, “You matter to us, you have great value and we believe in you.” We believe in this upcoming generation and feel both a calling and a responsibility to invest in these young lives.

Our goal is to go to as many schools as we can and deliver the message that anyone and everyone can rise above bullying, that each person has a gift that they can turn into gold if they have a desire to and will not be stopped by no one.

Ready 2 Rise aims to enhance the development of positive music in being its premier and comprehensive resource by: creating a medium of delivery through the traditional distribution channels, e-commerce, motivational events, concerts, etc.

At present, we are raising funds to help reach the kids who need our help. We also need volunteers who will walk with us in the endeavor.

If you would like to get involved, please fill out the Volunteer Form and return it back to us thru email, fax or mail. Let us work together to better the future of our kids and grand kids. You can also call us at the number below.

To send a check, mail it to:

PO Box 777024
Henderson, NV 89077


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